I'm From K-Beauty: How To Shop Its Most Popular Products

From a fig-infused oil cleanser to a mugwort-infused cream, we're breaking down the line's cult favourites.

If you're familiar with the K-Beauty market, you've probably heard of I'm From.

The brand's dedication to high-quality ingredients leads them all around Korea in quest of the most potent and effective skin-care components available. And, believe it or not, this quest is definitely worth the time and effort. Their products *perform,* from rice toners to ginseng serums.

Allow us to break down the top I'm From products that are sure to become regulars in your skin care product rotation if you're not familiar with the ingredient and performance focused I'm From, or if you're just a little behind on their recent releases.

Fig Cleansing Balm 

Who does not love a pink cleanser? Many cleansing balms require a few seconds of vigorous hand rubbing before becoming useful oil, but I'm From's Fig Cleansing Balm appears to turn into a milky-liquid nearly as soon as it comes into contact with skin.

Fig fruit extract is included in the mix to help dissolve sebum, brighten the skin, and fortify the barrier with skin-loving vitamins.

Mugwort Essence 

Mugwort is a potent antifungal and antibacterial herb that has been utilised for hundreds of years in traditional Asian medicine. Its calming effects make it an excellent substance for those who suffer of rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and acne.

With a refreshing mix, this one-ingredient essence truly embraces mugwort, making it a one-stop shop for acne-prone or sensitive skin.

Rice Toner 

This soft hydrating creation is for you if astringent and exfoliating toners aren't your thing. This milky toner contains 77.78 percent rice extract, which acts to plump and remove hyperpigmentation while hydrating and creating a barrier on the face to prevent transepidermal water loss, as the name suggests.

Not only will you feel refreshed after using this toner, but your skin barrier will thank you as well.

Ginseng Serum 

Ginseng Serum from I'm From contains 7.98 percent red ginseng sap that has been aged for six years. With hyaluronic acid, this supercharged blend helps to increase elasticity and plump the skin, assisting in anti-aging efforts.

For a little preventative therapy, you'll enjoy this serum!

Mugwort Cream

This component is something that neither we nor I can get enough of. We recently discussed how this Mugwort Cream helps us manage winter skin concerns like dryness and windburn, but that's just the start of why we can't recommend this moisturiser highly enough.

Panthenol, in addition to mugwort, is included in the relaxing cream to help with hydration. It's a dream since the soft formula swiftly dissolves into skin without leaving a sticky residue.

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