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    The premium brand Beauty of Joseon draws its inspiration from the historical era of Korea with the same name. The products are based on ancient medical knowledge from the Gyuhapchongseo book, modern technologies, and a conscious approach to skincare.

    Thanks to effective formulations and high quality, Beauty of Joseon cosmetics gained popularity in their home country and later in the international beauty space.

    At the core of Beauty of Joseon products are simple yet effective ingredients: ginseng, honey, rice, root extracts, and herbal extracts. These were the elements that helped women of the Joseon era care for their skin, which was considered their main adornment.

    The undeniable bestsellers of the brand include the Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun sunscreen with rice extract and probiotics, as well as the Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream facial cream with ginseng extract.

    You can purchase Korean cosmetics from Beauty of Joseon on our website.

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