Why does alcohol affect a woman's appearance so much? Only the facts

Discussing husbands/boys over a glass of semi-dry with your girlfriends is sacred! The main thing is not to miss the moment when it starts to affect the appearance.

The very first thing you notice after a party is puffiness and bags under your eyes. Alcohol retains fluid and causes dehydration. This is a huge stress for the body: you will drink a lot of water, but it will not be excreted in the right amount.

With frequent use of alcohol, due to severe dehydration, the skin becomes dry and flabby, which means hello, wrinkles and premature aging!

Any alcoholic drink causes flushing and blood flow to the face. The vessels do not withstand a sharp tide and burst, forming a small rosaceous mesh on the face.

In the fight against acne, cosmetologists also advise to refrain from alcohol. Yeast in the basis of alcoholic beverages provoke rashes and acne.

But the good news is that alcohol can make hair healthy and shiny. True, you need to take it not inside, but externally: brewer's yeast in the composition of hair masks gives an excellent effect. But the rest of the alcohol that we drink harms the hair. Trichologists say that even a couple of glasses of wine a week significantly worsen the hair. It's all about the notorious toxins. Accumulating in the body, they clog pores, including on the scalp. Hair quickly gets dirty, does not receive enough oxygen and weakens. All this leads to loss, loss of brilliance and strength.


There are about 150 calories in one glass of wine. Calculate how many calories we can quietly drink during a pleasant conversation. And do not forget to add a cheese plate, chocolate bar or Italian pasta to it. You can forget about the ideal waist if you do not limit yourself to alcohol.

It has been proven that alcohol increases blood sugar levels, which also adversely affects our health. Problems with the thyroid gland and metabolism begin. If suddenly your favorite and effective diet has stopped working, think - maybe the truth is in the wine!

We used to believe that only red wine stains the teeth. In fact, white wine is also detrimental. Any alcoholic drink contains acids and sugar, which corrode tooth enamel very quickly, we just see this clearly with red wine. The negative effect of alcohol on our teeth is the erosion of tooth enamel. But the problems do not end there yet, waking up in the morning from a strong thirst, we drink a glass of water and come to our senses. Before that, the teeth struggle all night with dryness and lack of saliva. The latter is needed to maintain a normal pH level (acidity of the environment), if it drops, caries, yellow plaque and even bad breath appear on the teeth.

What to do, do not drink at all? No, the main thing is to know when to stop! And learn to savor drinks: then even one glass will be a joy!

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